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Work With Us

Tsh Oxenreider and The Art of Simple have hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, and both are open to a variety of creative partnership ideas. From newly-released books to mom-n-pop shops, we love promoting work that jives with our ethos. A few possibilities:

  • Podcast episode sponsorship
  • Sponsored content
  • Email newsletter feature
  • Image advertisement
  • Instagram promotion

We’d love to hear about you and your creative ideas! Download the Media Kit, then email us at


“The results from Tsh’s endorsement on her podcast had an immediate impact, with a surge of both website clicks and membership purchases far exceeding our expectations. That was months ago, and we still have people signing up from that podcast. We are excited to continue partnering with her in the future. -Tania Landin, Co-founder of Around the World Stories

“We saw incredible results working with Tsh on an integrated campaign for the launch of my book, The Fringe Hours. The book received a tremendous response on the podcast and giveaway that we coordinated with Tsh. Click-through rates on our ads on The Art of Simple were the highest in our launch campaign. While banner advertising may be dying on some sites, it is alive and well on The Art of Simple. Definitely a worthwhile investment.” -Jessica N. Turner, author of The Fringe Hours: Making Time For You

“My clients and publishing partners are finding strategic blog partnerships to be one of the most impactful avenues for promoting our books to broader audiences. Tsh has gathered a community of book-lovers and we are seeing tremendous ROI from her site!” -Jenni Burke, literary agent with D.C. Jacobson & Associates

“The best bloggers get ‘platform.’ They know how to build a tribe and speak the language of their people. A well-trafficked, highly-engaged blog represents writing authority, audience loyalty, and a powerful brand relationship. In today’s digital age, this is one of the most important parts to marketing a book successfully. A value-laden blog is a ready-made sales machine.” -Chad Cannon, Former VP of Marketing at Thomas Nelson and Founder of Chadwick Cannon Agency