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Why advertise here?

Daily exposure to a loyal readership, The Art of Simple was started in early 2008 by Tsh Oxenreider as the name “Simple Mom,” and now receives hundreds of thousands of monthly pageviews on average. Most readers are women, though almost a third of our readers are men. These readers are passionate about making their lives simpler by living holistically with their life’s purpose.

Tsh is the main voice at The Art of Simple, but she shares this corner of the Internet with several other talented writers, and together, they share motivation and tips about topics like working from home, money, self care, green living, ethics, art and culture, and more—all with the goal of encouraging them to live more simply.

If you’d like to share who you are with The Art of Simple readers, we’d love to hear from you! Download the Media Kit, and then use the info below to contact us.

Above-the-fold ad space

If you’d like to be above the fold (which simply means your ad shows up on every page of The Art of Simple without the readers having to scroll), head to Federated Media to book your ad spot.

300×250 pixels:


Below-the-fold ad space

Why on earth would I prefer below-the-fold ad space?, you may be wondering. Well, an ad is simply a call to action. Kissmetrics actually says “the fold” is a myth—that “Higher conversion rates have nothing to do with whether the button is above the fold… The issue isn’t whether the call to action is visible when your prospect first arrives. The issue is whether your call to action is visible at the point where your prospect has become convinced to take action.”

So by putting your ad in the traditional below-the-fold space, your creative will be closer to where visitors have finished reading posts.

What you’ll get

1. A static, 300 x 140 pixel or 125×125 pixel creative…

ad spots

2. A text link ad in the RSS feed’s footer…

footer ads

3. A mention in a Weekend Links post during your month of purchase,

4. And a pin of one of your products of our choosing.

Ads run on a calendar month basis, and all ads are subject to to editorial approval.

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Filling this form out DOES NOT commit you to booking an ad, or for us to run your ad. It just gives the ad team all the info they need to get the process started. You can ask all your questions before sending any money.

If I have any trouble with this form, email our ad manager, Caroline at for help (please put "ad inquiry" in the subject line).
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A note about ad creatives

If you are advertising online and have only 125 x 125 square pixels to tell us about your shop, your real estate needs to be amazing. Don’t settle for a ho-hum graphic after you’ve worked so hard on your products. Don’t underestimate the power of your amazing ad: the better-looking the ad, the more clicks. If your ad is not nice and inviting, it will not generate as many clicks.

Take the time to make a stellar ad. Update it frequently, to prevent ad blindness. Ask honest friends to tell you the truth about your ad. If you need to, pay a professional to make the smartest, most eye-catching ad online. It’s well worth the investment.

Personally, I’m drawn to ads with generous white space and minimal, big text in gorgeous typography. Think about your fonts and colors, and don’t tell me everything about your shop. Mostly, you want to set the tone and create interest. Below are some of my favorite 125 x 125 pixel ads:

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