A lesson in texture

We are back for our third week of our mini series of “Strategies for Designing Your Life”.  Each week, we’ll discuss some basic design elements and give examples of how to utilize them. The series will help to add interest, harmony, and unity to your life. Last Thursday, we gave you a Lesson in shape. And check back next Thursday for another lesson!

Today’s design element is Texture.

We present you with: A lesson in Texture.

Texture plays a huge part in the way we interact with our surroundings. Texture is all about touch and it is the only design element that entices you to reach out and touch something. Remember when you were a kid and you went into a store with your parents and they said “look with your eyes, not your hands”? Well maybe your parents didn’t but mine sure did. I was always so curious about if that pillow was really as soft as it looked or if that glass vase was really as smooth as it looked.

The things you can touch and feel are examples of physical texture. The whole idea of looking with our eyes brings out another side to texture – which is visual texture. This is when you are looking at something on your computer or looking at a detailed drawing and think that looks so soft, rough, smooth etc.

One strategy for effectively using visual texture is to apply texture to something that wouldn’t normally have that texture or to something that contradicts the texture. Typically when we think of something ceramic we think of smooth and polished. This cantaloupe bowl is a perfect example of “I just have to touch that”. We see the texture of a cantaloupe on a ceramic bowl and can’t help but wonder if the bowl feels the same as a cantaloupe (it really does by the way).

This is a burlap bag from our shop. It has a fantastic rough texture which emphasizes the raw nature of burlap.

This face pillow has one smooth side and one bumpy side. Texture is great to use on something that will be in contact with people such as a pillow on a couch. The more tactile something is the more interesting and fun it is.

The lush soft texture of the moss terrarium is a great way to add some natural and fresh texture to your life. Any nature inside is awesome! Potted plants, branches for decorations, flowers, etc.

Hair has such a great texture and everyone’s hair varies. One way to really show off and emphasize your hair’s texture is to braid it. Here’s Lauren’s hair braided in a FIVE-strand braid! That’s intense.

Wood earrings with their amazing bark still in tact provide a much more interesting pair of earrings.

Go experiment with texture! There’s so many great ways to include fun textures in your wardrobe and home… and even in your photos by capturing that visual texture (and those photos would look amazing on your walls)!

How do you use texture in your life? Feel free to comment with links to photos you have! We want to see!

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  1. I really like that cantaloupe bowl! That is too cool!

    Great ideas! Thanks!

  2. It’s so easy to overlook texture, but it’s ultimately the thing that makes a space feel either welcoming or kind of…sterile, isn’t it? Great post!

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