A lesson in size

We are back for our fourth week of our mini series of “Strategies for Designing Your Life”.  Each week, we’ll discuss some basic design elements and give examples of how to utilize them. The series will help to add interest, harmony, and unity to your life.  So far, we’ve had A Lesson in Color, A Lesson in Shape, and A Lesson in Texture. And check back next Thursday for our final lesson!

Today’s design element is Size.

We present you with: A lesson in Size

One thing Lauren and I realized while preparing for this post is that we aren’t too great at implementing size variation in our home. We tend to arrange similar sized items together. It would be nice if we used different sized items more intentionally. So we’re going to take our own advice this week and rearrange some our items in our home! And maybe work on getting some larger statement pieces…

Here are 5 easy examples of how to use different size objects in your life.

1. Large statement pieces

Having a large statement piece can create a focal point in a room and create a sense of awe. Having something large next to something small can create interest or irony. These lockers in our store are always cause for admiration. They are so tall and so big that everyone just loves to stop and stare. Huge armoires are great statement pieces (and your husband will love you forever if there’s a massive flatscreen tv inside… hint hint)

2. Similar sized items

Arranging similar sized items can evoke a sense of unity and conformity. We have lots of little groupings of items around our home… like these little animal figurines. They can give order to a small space.

3. Playing with different sizes

Arranging items in order of size can also create a sense of togetherness while still showing the differences between the individual parts. A great example would be a family portrait – from tallest to shortest! Or you can stagger different height items to play off the differences – tall short tall short tall short.

We found these containers at a thrift store and they hold flour, sugar, brown sugar, and powdered sugar in our kitchen. Decorative AND functional! That’s what I’m talking about.

4. Utilizing size in text

Emphasize importance by making specific text larger. This is great for invitations, blog photos (we always do this!), fun quotes on photos, etc. There’s 3 different font sizes on this photo for our brown sugar post – the title is the biggest, instructions are smaller, and then The Burlap Bag is smallest at the bottom.

5. Humor

Lastly using size for humor. Play with oversized objects – a huge donut pillow or huge button earrings. Or a large Texas… Need I say more?

Go experiment with size – no need to even buy anything! Just try rearranging and working with the pieces you already have.

Tell us — how do you use (or struggle to use!) different sizes in your life?

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  1. Just wanted you to know how much I am loving this series. I am not super talented when it comes to home decor, and I always second guess myself or end up with a weird hodge podge of styles that really don’t work together. I appreciate the practical tips you’ve been sharing!

  2. Liz I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series! We’re learning a lot too while writing each post… and rearranging our house a little! 🙂

  3. Loving this series, too! It’s happening at a perfect time for me, too, as I’m trying to (finally) make my home reflect the people who live in it!

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