A lesson in line

We are back for our fifth and final week of our mini series of “Strategies for Designing Your Life”.  Each week, we’ve discussed some basic design elements and give examples of how to utilize them.  So far, we’ve had A Lesson in ColorA Lesson in Shape,  A Lesson in Texture and A Lesson in Size.

Today’s design element is Line.

We present you with: A Lesson in Line

Let’s walk through the above graphic that we made….

On the left are the different types of line:





Using a mix of the different kinds of lines in your home can make it simple and still interesting. Those straight lines of picture frames and blocky couches cause stability. A fun zigzag (also known as the very popular chevron!) design painted on the wall is… well… fun! Curved and wavy lines scream organic and go-with-the-flow.

On the right side of the graphic are the different variations:




How you can vary those different kinds lines is very important.

Have a super long skinny rug in your hallway to emphasize the hall’s length. Use a wide square table for your family meals so everyone has plenty of room. Change the direction of your normal things – ever thought of putting that bookshelf on it’s side? Or play with diagonals! (maybe not with the bookshelf…)

And that’s the end of our mini series! We hope you’ve enjoyed it! It’s definitely been fun to write and give the basics on design – and improve our own home in the process.

Which part of our series has taught you the most? What design changes will you be implementing in your life?

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