A crazy fun holiday tip

Today I’m over at Dave Ramsey, sharing one of our family’s favorite Christmas traditions. From the post:

“It felt SO GOOD to finally give abundantly to things we already cared about so passionately, especially during Christmas, when so many non-profits need it most. We could now add end-of-the-year giving to our holiday budget.

And even though we started giving more to charities and our church, we also thought it’d also be fun to shake things up a bit: we set aside $100 to give to a waiter or waitress. As a former waitress who worked her way through her twenties serving food, I have a soft spot for servers who do their job well. I know personally that it’s not an easy job.

It’s now one of our favorite ways to give during Christmas, and we look forward to this family tradition every year.”

Head here to read the whole post and to leave your thoughts, and then come back here, because I’ve got a giveaway for you!

Membership to TMMO

My Total Money Makeover is a membership site full of tools for budgeting, a community of encouragement and support from other people, and even access to the last 30 days of The Dave Ramsey Show. I was an active member there when we were getting out of debt, and it was a MAJOR encouragement to keep on keepin’ on.

This website is a helpful tool in your debt-free journey, and I gladly paid the $9.95 monthly fee as part of our budget. But today I get to give 25 of you free membership for six solid months!

To enter, simply leave any comment on this post using the widget below (if you’re reading this via email, please click over to the post to enter).

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This giveaway will end tomorrow night, Saturday, December 15, and I’ll announce the winners soon after.

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  1. I would love to give $100 to a struggling single mom.

  2. I consult at several nursing homes, and find that the caring staff are often underapaid and underappreciated. The person I would give $100 works at one of these homes, and has a very sick son requiring her to take time off on a regular basis from her job. She struggles when all is well to make ends meet, so I am sure it is very difficult for her at this time.

  3. Leigh Ann B says:

    I would love to have the extra $100 and give 1/2 to each of my children when we are out and about during the holidays. They could each decide when and who they think needs extra Christmas cheer and it will teach them about giving.

  4. I would love to give $100 to so many people, I would give it to a struggling young family at our church.

  5. Great idea to set aside money for extra tips during the holidays! What a great thing to do as a family 🙂

  6. I think it would be fun to use it to buy the groceries of someone behind me!

  7. I would give $100 to my son’s visiting nurse. She only gets paid minimum wage and the gas that she uses is not reimbursed. She deals with so much and alwoays has a smile on her face and hugs for everyone.

  8. I’d probably give it to my husband so he could buy some new hunting gear!

  9. Stephanie Brown says:

    A mom at Wal-mart that looks like she could use some help buying gifts for her kids for Christmas.

  10. Sheeba mathew says:

    I would give a $100 to a couple I know in my neighborhood who may have trouble paying bills,finding work and keeping the dog they so love. I have always noticed the guy is always cheery and very friendly even if I were whiz zing by in my car.he has been out of regular work for quite awhile.a couple months ago I had some fabulous samples of dog food which I gave to them and they treated it as if I had given them a million dollars. To those kind of people I did like to really help as they do not take life for granted.

  11. A girl I know working her way through nursing school. People would be so lucky to get her as a nurse.

  12. I think the five of us would go out and just see where the Lord led us to give. I don’t know very many people in my city, so I don’t have anyone specific in mind.

  13. I would love to do things like this. Before I stayed home with our three boys, I worked at a few different non-profits. I was in charge of an Adopt a Family program at my first job, a Safehouse for victims of abuse. That was one of my best Christmases, by far. I would love to be able to adopt families for Christmas one day. We are trying to get out of debt, but since my husband went back to school full time, it has been difficult. Baby steps, right? Thanks for another wonderful blog entry!

  14. We need this in our family SOOOOOO badly!

  15. That’s a wonderful way to give back!

  16. I’d like to give to a family that is struggling just to make ends meet.

  17. I would love to give $100 to my mother-in-law…she’s a single lady ready to retire and deserves a little fun money!

  18. Tipping huge is so much fun! I wish we could do it more!

  19. I would give it to my youngest sister (19 yrs). Trying to grow up but has no clue how to do it. She needs some grocery money. So I would buy her a grocery giftcard to ensure it would go towards food.

  20. There’s a man who comes every year to pick pecans that fall from our huge pecan trees (with our blessing, of course!). He’d be floored to be handed $100. What a fun idea.

  21. I would anonymously drop it on a neighbors door…everyone could use a little help this time of year…

  22. This prize couldn’t come at a better time for me and my family. I would love to join this program. Thanks for offering!

  23. Oops! I didn’t read the instructions well–I would love to give $100 to so many people, so I’ll pick…the first person I see who has a “broke, out of luck, need a job, anything helps”-type of sign (there are many in my area).

  24. Rebekah Blakley says:

    What a wonderful idea! We are doing “Twelve Days of Giving” this year. I think we might do this on one of our days!

  25. Laura Smith says:

    I would give it to the adoption fund over on http://liferearranged.com !

  26. kelly Keitzer says:

    Our pest control guy, Tye. He is so nice and stops by whenever he is in the area just to check on me & the kids.

  27. I’m not sure who I’d give the money to, but I LOVE this idea!! We are currently free of debt, but we don’t have much money saved, either, and we have dreams we’d like to make happen (like spending a holiday abroad, just as you did!!!). We need a money makeover in order to break some of our negative spending habits. Thanks so much for this! 🙂

  28. I’m in $65000 in debt!! Yup I said it. I cuold really use this, but I can’t afford it right now!!
    So If I won one of these prized I would be so grateful how to get my debt under control!!

    As for the $100 tip, I would give it to a teacher, weather it being a school teacher, swim teacher, singing or violin lesson teacher someone who impacts my kids and could use the money. I think school teachers really work the hardest and get the least amount of recognition and they could use the extra money. Most of supplies in classrooms belong to the teacher because they bought it with thier own money.

  29. The lady who works at the grocery store I frequent many mornings on my way to work. She’s so friendly, which is awesome in the morning!

  30. Leigh Sabey says:

    What a neat tradition! I would give $100 to a friend’s neighbor who is in a dire situation financially right now.

  31. If I had $100 to give to anyone, I think I would give it to a friend’s daughter who will be heading off to college in the Fall. I’m sure there are a lot of “little” things that she will need before she goes

  32. Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. I’d give it to someone who’s trying to keep track of young children while out running errands.

  34. I love the server tip … I too worked my way through college as a server. Getting a $100 tip would have made me so happy. We’ve been toying with the Dave Ramsey method for over a year, and I think we’re finally ready to get serious!! This membership would help.

  35. I’d love to give $100 to a struggling family

  36. I would give it to my coworker. Her husband just got laid off and they are such good people, always helping others. They have two small children and I know she’s worried about Christmas a little bit. $100 would make a difference for them, maybe not a large one, but enough to help them get by this year.

  37. After reading through some of the comments, I got to thinking… Wouldn’t it be great to see this all year long – not just at Christmas time? One little act kindness could change the world…

  38. Jill Anderson Smith says:

    I’d give it to 100 people handing out the contributor.
    People trying to work themselves out of homelessness.

  39. A family I know whose husband has been out of work for a while and they just had to pay to fix their heater in the Midwest.

  40. I would send it to CFCA (Christian Foundation for Children and Adults). They are a group similar to Compassion Int.. I’ve sponsered a child through them for years and I’d love to be able to make a big impact in his community.

  41. I would give it to 147millionorphans.com. Its one of my favorite organizations and when I find at the end of the month that we have a little extra, I send it there.

  42. Christine C says:

    My sister. She is just getting on her feet and that would help a lot!

  43. Lindsay S. says:

    I would love to give an unexpected and anonymous gift to my grandmother who could really use the help.

  44. I’d love to give the money to a dear friend whose house sustained major damage in a recent house fire. Although they have insurance, there are lots of additional expenses associated with the repairs and I’d love to give them a little extra money anonymously.

  45. I would love to give $100 to one of the ever-helpful cashiers at our grocery store, or to someone else in line to pay for theirs!

  46. Thanks for the inspiration. That’s a great idea.

  47. My neighbor who has 8 kids and has been out of work for a year now.

  48. I’d hand it over to my 7 year old daughter who has been saving to donate to the Dian Fossy gorilla fund.

  49. I would love to pick a couple families who were eating out at a restaurant and tell the waiter to bring me their bills and pay them for them, and leave before they knew who it was.

  50. I would like to give to a women at work who goes above and beyond her duties and is willing to help out whenever needed.

  51. I would love to give $100 to my sister-in-law, who is a struggling single mom.

  52. The mail carrier. They do so much all year long.

  53. Elizabeth N. says:

    I would love to give it to my sister or parents. They have so little compared to me but hate when I give them too much as they can’t reciprocate it.

  54. Elizabeth L says:

    The local food bank. Their shelves are seriously low right now.

  55. would love to bless new mama or grandma in the family who could really use it

  56. I’d like to see it go to a family in need in my child’s school.

  57. All 3 of my daughters have been a waitress. Your gift is a wonderful idea. My husband is a big Dave Ramsey fan. We have not done the financial university. Thank you for a chance to win. janita

  58. Water.org, because it would go so far! Or if I was thinking locally, a single mom or dad I know.

  59. I’d love to help a patent with a sick child at the hospital. Maybe it could go into a card and ask someone at the nurse’s station to pass it on to a family who could really use it?

  60. Okay, so you have definitely now inspired me to create a new family tradition around this time of year. What an unexpected blessing to waiters/waitresses! 😉

  61. a fantastic server at a restaurant. 🙂

  62. As a former server myself, I’d give $100 to a waitress at an inexpensive restaurant (they don’t make much in tips, and $100 would be huge).

  63. I would love to give $100 to a newly widowed mom of three young children at my church.

  64. I love the idea of giving to a waitperson! I’m holiday shopping tomorrow with girlfriends and will consider something similar.

  65. I would love to leave it for a friend, who is going through a rough time, as an anonymous gift.

  66. A random stranger. Everyone could use a little act of kindness.

  67. I too think I would wait for the random person that goes the extra mile with a smile on their face and an encouraging word…once that was a flight attendant, another time a hair dresser or the cashier at ikea…never know when a deserving person crosses my path 🙂

  68. A single older woman in our church who has been out of work for much of the year.

  69. Raquel Jefferson says:

    I would give $100 either compassion international or a church ministry.

  70. Hard to decide! I’ve always had a soft spot for school janitors.

  71. I would give half to my favorite person at a local pizza place and the other half to my favorite barrista where I sometimes go for coffee.

  72. My husband just talked to me about Dave Ramsey as a way for us to help manage the blessings from his promotion this year. Thank you for the information and giveaway!

  73. I’d give it to a family (our family knows personally) within our church who could use it for many things – yet, I pause to use the phrase “to make a wonderful Christmas for their family”, b/c that is something they are already doing, sans any extra $ at all. It’s amazing & admirable as a Mother myself, to see another Mother with children close to the ages of my children & they are no different than my kiddos. Together, my new friend ( the wife /mother) & I have been using lots of fabric we’ve both had for years & having so much fun making little sleeping bags for our kiddos stuffed animals & blankets/pillows for baby dolls. All free in terms of money, yet so fulfilling for myself & I hoped friend. She & her family (so similar to my own family in terms of 1 income family, 2 sweet children, SAHM- yet all it can take, sadly is a company that may have no other choice than to let a hard worker go). The impact that can have on a family that is no different than any other is devastating.
    However, this very difficult situation has brought me closer to a woman I’ve “known”, but never “known”. I’m now blessed to call her my friend. However she chose to use that $100, I would know she had thought long & hard about it & again, the impact on her entire family.

  74. I would love to be able to surprise someone in the supermarket. Groceries are so expensive in Australia, lots of people are struggling

  75. Valerie Vasquez says:

    What a great idea! I would love to be able to give more.

  76. I would give $100 to International Hope. That would pay for one day for a girl who has been rescued from the human trafficing business.


  77. My aunt. She doesn’t have a lot and she was an unbelievable help with my daughter this summer through my husband’s chemo.

  78. I would give it to my husband, father of ten children, who always need a handout from him!

  79. To a random military mom at the Commissary.

  80. I would give it to a Mum at the bus stop so she can have a nice lunch with her kids, do some grocery shopping and maybe catch a taxi home instead of struggling on the bus.

  81. A good friend of mine has 4 kids and was off work for months after repeated back surgeries. She is struggling but willing to give the shirt off her back to anyone in need and I would love to bless her with $100.

  82. I would give it to my daughter’s teacher. She works so hard and would really appreciate it.

  83. I’d send it to our church’s international wing: they have a wonderful program where I could send some bunnies and chickens to a family in the developing world.

  84. oh so many – I’d love to give it to a single mother like myself at the laundry mat…knowing that running through their mind, more likely then not, is relief they can afford to pay for clean clothes and worries about not being able to afford very much else. An elderly person at the grocery store buying their food to eat alone. My son’s daycare worker and/or the lady who watches him when I have to work on the weekends, both of whom struggle to make ends meet.

  85. To the couple in our home bible study group who just lost a job.

  86. I’d probably give to someone at our church with some serious needs—we know many this year!

  87. As another former waitress, what a great gift!

  88. A missionary friend of mine

  89. I would love to give this to an international friend we’ve been helping who has come to the US looking for a better life for him and his family.

  90. sounds like a great opportunity!

  91. Barrie petersen says:

    I’d give to a family at The Boys and Girls Club
    We are hosting a pancake breakfast and toy distribution tomorrow for families in need

  92. To my mother in law….she does so much for so many with very little for herself!

  93. I would give it to my church.

  94. I’d love to give a family of seven that live down the street $100 just for up!

  95. Kristin Thomas says:

    I would give the $100 to a friend who has a daughter in and out of the hospital for Chemo and other health issues. They are drowning in medical bills and although $100 doesn’t fix it, at least it would help a little.

  96. Patty Pivirotto says:

    Would love to win this. we are following a cash budget now but need a lot of help with our debt and have been looking into Dave Ramsey’s stuff. this would really help our family of six on one salary!!

  97. I would love to give $100 to my brother – he is back in school after a 4 year break, and is kicking butt this time around 🙂 He just got his own place and a dog, and I’m sure he’d love the extra money.

  98. I think it’d super cool to gift the $100 to a completely random family with small children–to just walk up to someone at my local grocery store or Goodwill, say Merry Christmas! and then walk away.

  99. nopinkhere says:

    Either to a friend of mine who could use some fun money or to someone in the grocery store who seems to need it.

  100. The cook where my boys go to day care. She’s wonderful and makes nearly all the food from scratch, making sure my boys eat healthy even when I’m not there!

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