A crazy fun holiday tip

Today I’m over at Dave Ramsey, sharing one of our family’s favorite Christmas traditions. From the post:

“It felt SO GOOD to finally give abundantly to things we already cared about so passionately, especially during Christmas, when so many non-profits need it most. We could now add end-of-the-year giving to our holiday budget.

And even though we started giving more to charities and our church, we also thought it’d also be fun to shake things up a bit: we set aside $100 to give to a waiter or waitress. As a former waitress who worked her way through her twenties serving food, I have a soft spot for servers who do their job well. I know personally that it’s not an easy job.

It’s now one of our favorite ways to give during Christmas, and we look forward to this family tradition every year.”

Head here to read the whole post and to leave your thoughts, and then come back here, because I’ve got a giveaway for you!

Membership to TMMO

My Total Money Makeover is a membership site full of tools for budgeting, a community of encouragement and support from other people, and even access to the last 30 days of The Dave Ramsey Show. I was an active member there when we were getting out of debt, and it was a MAJOR encouragement to keep on keepin’ on.

This website is a helpful tool in your debt-free journey, and I gladly paid the $9.95 monthly fee as part of our budget. But today I get to give 25 of you free membership for six solid months!

To enter, simply leave any comment on this post using the widget below (if you’re reading this via email, please click over to the post to enter).

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Tsh Oxenreider

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  1. Someone random like the person behind me at the grocery store or a shopper in the mall or I don’t know…part of the fun would be the spontaneity of it all!! What a great idea1

  2. My mailman – he’s always so friendly and nice!

  3. I’d love to be able to do things like this in the future. I’d give $100 to a mother with young children or a teacher of a special needs class.

  4. I’d share it with some mom with a cart full of kids and a hand full of coupons counting the cost of things in her head while standing in line and hoping it stretches far enough not to have to put things back or take things off at the end. I’ve been that mom and although we don’t have any debt, there’s always those times when the paycheck doesn’t always seem to stretch far enough.

  5. I would love to give $100 to some missionary friends of ours in the Congo.

  6. I’d love to pay for someone’s groceries.

  7. I’d donate to a animal or children charity.

  8. I would give the money to my cousin who has a lot on her plate and is unable to work.

  9. Definitely buy groceries for someone who seems to be counting their pennies.

  10. I would love to spend $100 to pay for someone’s groceries or for the cars behind me at the drive-thru for lunch. Something totally unexpected.

  11. A woman from our church who has 3 kids and is recently single…I would give it to her without her knowing it was our family.

  12. I would give it to my husband who works so hard to support our family! Thanks!

  13. I would give it to one of the ladies at church, who runs the bible study group for the mums with bubs during the week, along with co-coordinating the Sunday School lessons throughout the year. She has been such an inspiration and encouragement to me throughout the year – and especially a major support to me in running my first Sunday school lessons in years.

  14. I’d love to give 100$ to my dear friends who got married a few months ago and are battling serious illness and paying back hospital bills. Just a little bit for them to relax and have fun with and go on a date or what they’d wish for!

  15. Jennifer G says:

    I would either give the $$ to my hair stylist or to a waitress we know who works really hard all the time and she has 5 children, the youngest of whom is about 2 years old.

  16. I would give the $100 to bless a friend who doesn’t have a lot of money.

  17. The lady who leads our weekly storytime. She has inspired so many young readers and keeps her storytimes going even when the rest of the libraries are on break because she knows the babies – and parents – need the free weekly gathering.

  18. Amy Monteiro says:

    The lady who volunteers to watch the babies during my moms group.

  19. My husband and I have had an envelope marked “giving” in our Christmas budget for years now and we take time to pray about where God wants to use it and it has been amazing to see how He works. Sometimes its to organizations and sometimes its to individual families He puts in our path.

  20. cheryl clayburn says:

    i would love to pay off someones christmas layaway! what fun.

  21. I would give it to my son’s teacher (if that were allowed). She has nurtured him and helped him with the anxiety of elementary school in kindergarten and again in second grade…now she can use it to nurture herself!

  22. I’d love to give $100 to a missionary family. We’re on the mission field, and I know how special a gift of family spending money can be!

  23. Robin from Frugal Family Times says:

    I’d love to give $100 to one of the PeerWorkers. She is so generous with her time and talents, yet her family has so many obstacles to financial success. I’d give it to her secretly, because I’m certain she wouldn’t accept otherwise.

  24. I’ve been reading a lot about Dave Ramsey and although the only debt we have is our mortgage, it still weighs heavy on me! I don’t want anyone to ever be able to take my house from me! I’m starting the new year with a new budget and would love Dave Ramsey’s help!!

  25. I guess I forgot to mention who I would give $100 to – a super awesome Christian kids camp in GA that we just love – they run completely on faith, and I’d love to be a part of that!

  26. I would give it to the bell ringers for the salvation army. hopefully it would make up for all the time I didn’t have any change in my pockets and had to walk by.

  27. This is such a sweet idea. I think if I had it to give this year, I would give it to the sweet woman who keeps the nursery during church.

  28. I would give it to my sister, who’s getting married soon. I know what it’s like to be a young married couple with little money, and I know it would help them get their home set up!

  29. I would love to give $100 to one of the cashier at Walmart. They have such an exhausting job, especially at Christmas.

  30. I would love to give $100 to one of the cashiers at Walmart. They have such an exhausting job, especially at Christmas.

  31. I would give it to one of the many choirs or musicians who play throughout the holidays and fill stores and courtyards with the sounds of Christmas. 🙂

  32. We already give to Lemonade International, a non-profit working in Central America’s largest urban slum. But we always want to give more so if we had an additional $100 I’d give it to them for the feeding program. http://www.lemonadeinternational.org

  33. I think I’d choose my mom! 🙂

  34. I would love to bless my stylist, a single mom, who blessed me in so many ways!

  35. We haven’t gone out to eat in a LO-ONG time, simply b/c the chemicals in restaurant food starting making me feel sick. But as I paid my way through college waiting tables, I have the same soft spot as Tsh, and have been known to leave ridiculous tips to good servers.

  36. A server at a restaurant, a thankless & less-than-minimum-wage job.

  37. I would love to anonymously bless a family in the community that is struggling.

  38. I’d pass it along to my mum. She has done so much for me, thi s would be one small thing I could give to her.

  39. I would drop $100 by the crisis pregnancy center. They save lives! 🙂

  40. One of the clerks at our nearby grocery store. They are all always so happy and cheerful, and I’d deserve more than they make!

  41. I would give it to a server too:)

  42. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    I would love to give it to a mom in the grocery store!

  43. I’d love to spread it around actually – use it for a bunch of random acts of kindness. Pay for the order of the person behind me in the drive thru, buy someone’s groceries, leave a nice big tip for a server. How fun would that be?

  44. I would give $100 to several people I think–spread the love 🙂

  45. Jenny Myers says:

    thank you for this opportunity. thinking of DR as a birthday gift to myself!

  46. I’d love to give $100 to a struggling new mama.

  47. I love the waitress idea. Or maybe in a barista tip jar since I used to work as one

  48. I worked as a server while in college and received a $100 tip one night, it was a shock & blessing!

  49. Hm, that’s a tough call. I have a sister whose family is on a really tight budget – $100 would be a big surprise for them!
    Or, I really like that tip idea – I was a server too for a while, and it is was not a fun job for me. I would have LOVED a $100 tip!

  50. I’d love to give money to a mom with lots of little ones. Every little bit helps!

  51. I would like to help a struggling mom who does the very best she can with what she has!

  52. I would live to take a chunk of money & make backpacks for the many homeless people in our area. It is cold here during the winter so I would include: a wool blanket, tooth brush, toothpaste, comb or brush, shampoo, small can opener, & a few canned food items ( even though they are heavy). I’m sure there is more. We currently have a homeless pregnant mom in our city… This weighs on my heart.

  53. I would give the $100 to my sister-in-law who is struggling right now.

  54. my brother – he just bought his first house, and I’d love to bless him just a little…

  55. I would love to be able to give $100 to a local charity that deals with STI education and treatment within the community. They service all in need. (Though, I do like your idea of leaving such a large tip for a waitress!!)

  56. There are a lot of practical things I could contribute $100 towards, but if it was simply for fun, I would give it to a friend to put towards her adoption journey.

  57. A poor college student! Or a newlywed couple. I remember what a blessing it was to receive unexpected (and much needed) gifts like that when I was in their shoes!

  58. Laura Smith says:

    I work at a public library and we see people here in sometimes who I know could really use that kind of money, especially at Christmas, so I’d like to give it to one of them. The trick would just be figuring out how to do it anonymously!

  59. We follow a cash system budget, but sometimes we fall off the plan. I’d love to win this to keep our family on track!

  60. To the person in line in the grocery store behind me- pay $100 toward their bill…

  61. I would give it to my favorite charity. I would love to be able to give them more than I usually do.

  62. The last time I was at the grocery store there was an elderly lady in front of me who kept taking items off her cart to get the total down to the amount she had. I would love to give $100 to someone like that.

  63. We started with the FPU series and did really well until my maternity leave. THings have kindo of spiraled since then and it’s about time we got it back under control.

  64. I also love the idea of gifting it to someone random that could use it. But there are some people at church whom could benefit from an extra $100 this time of year. I know a few people that I would love to anonomously slip it in their church mailbox. We have been on the receiving end of these and it is a tremendous blessing.

  65. My sister who is a young single mom going to school!

  66. I would give it to my sister. She does amazing, hard work in Bolivia. And she has a heart made for loving.

  67. I would love ti give $100 to my brother and his wife. They are on a tight budget and have a 2 year old and I’d love for them to go out on an extravagant dinner date.

  68. I’d give it to a co-worker who is struggling after leaving an abusive marriage

  69. My neighbors with three little kids!

  70. Elizab R.A. says:

    I would love to hand a $100 bill to a new mom when I take her a meal.

  71. I think I would give it to person who treated me with the best customer service for the day. Keep track who you talked to and at the end of running my errands, go back and say thank you. I would make sure that the manager was there to see that they did a great job. Kindness goes a long way, I would want to keep it going.

  72. We buy poinsettias for all the secretaries at our school for Christmas. It cost 98.00 but It brightens their days and mine to know that they know they are appreciated!

  73. My hubby and I are just getting started on the TMM, this would be a great addition thanks!

  74. There is a super nice lady at my local grocery store and she is always so friendly I would surprise her with it!

  75. I would love to be able to give it to a single mom. I am one and know how hard it can be and I think that would ease up the pressure somewhat.

  76. I’d pay for someone’s groceries. Can’t tell you how much that type of thing would mean to me if someone were to do that for me so I’d love to be able to do it for someone else!

  77. I would give a $100 to my husband’s co-worker. She is a single mom (with no help from the dad) of 2 teenagers. This woman works 2 jobs to support her children and still finds a way to bring in special homemade baked goods for the office. She is awesome!

  78. I would give it to my husband. We are on a tight budget and I know he could find a good use for the money!

  79. My favorite grocery store clerk!

  80. Pay for the meal of the person behind me in the drive thru line.

  81. I love this post! What a wonderful fun family tradition. Might start that next year when we are debt free.

  82. I would give 1/2 to the nice young woman who works at our local coffee shop/market. She is very friendly and knows everyone’s name. Then I would give the other 1/2 to the local food pantry. After the holiday rush of giving, they can use it.

  83. I love the idea of giving $100 to an unsuspecting waiter/waitress! I also would enjoy giving $100 towards groceries for a needy family in my community. And there is also a wonderful lady in my church who is always smiling and has the joy of Christ, despite her life filled with difficult trials, who could really use it. It would be hard to choose!

  84. I would like to give a 100.00 to a single new mom.

  85. I would carry it in my pocket and wait until I saw the ‘one’. You know, the one you see in line at the grocery store who is worriedly putting back items as the stack of cash is too small. Or the one whose shoes are worn through and coat is threadbare. I would give it to the one.

  86. There is a single mom in my office who works hard to give her kids what they need. She gets minimal support from their dad, but maintains an incredible attitude and always puts others ahead of herself. I would love to bless her with $100 to help take some of the stress out of the busy holiday season.

  87. Valerie roden says:

    To young family who is struggling to put food on the table

  88. This would be really great. My husband and I are really motivated to change and this would really help. Thanks!

  89. I would give it to a family in our church. Things have been really tough for them lately. What fun it would be to bless their socks right off 🙂

  90. Valerie roden says:

    To a young family

  91. I would give it to my mom–she needs 100 just for fun.

  92. I need a total money makeover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Amanda MacKay says:

    Last night we dropped off two fully stuffed backpacks, each worth about $100, to a charity that delivers them to homeless kids in shelters and other underprivileged children in our home province (Alberta). It felt good to give a child a brighter Christmas and I was pleased to teach my own children how lucky they are and that helping others is an important part of our life, including at Christmas time. I hope to make this an annual tradition. As we made the backpacks to match my own kids ages and genders, the backpacks too will change as they grow. When they’re older, we can all go together for an evening of backpack stuffing at the charity’s warehouse.

  94. My sister who has worked 2 + jobs this past year when her husband has been unemployed.

  95. I would give money to family members who are struggling.
    Love this Christmas gift! You’re so creative with your giveaways. And practical, too. The best kind of gifts.

  96. I would give it to a family member who is struggling. I love this Christmas gift idea!

  97. I like the idea of just having the cash in my pocket and waiting until I see the right moment.

  98. I’d actually love to send $100 to my missionary son. He could either buy food with it or help others.

  99. I would give it to several new widows that I know. Last year one friend lost her husband on Christmas Day and he was only 46. Another friend lost her husband in October and he was also young.

  100. To a special needs instructional assistant

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