#067: Freedom From Stuff

Joshua Becker writes a blog called Becoming Minimalist, and that title describes well his journey: he hasn’t figured out all the ins and outs of minimalism… he’s becoming one. He and I chat about what it means to live simply by living with less. Both of us are parents, we both live in the real world, and we’ve both experienced the peace and satisfaction from getting rid of needless stuff and pursuing a life without consumption as a hobby.

I also talk about safety while traveling with kids, since we’re gearing up for a year of world travel!


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the beckers

Show notes:

Becoming Minimalist
Zen Habits: A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home
The thrift store can be your (nearly free) storage unit
The AoS podcast #65 with Nina Nelson (lives on a bus with her 4 kids)
The Minimalist Mom: When You’re Not Married to a Minimalist
Joshua’s books
Tsh’s family’s plan for going around the world
Free-Range Kids

Joshua on Twitter and Facebook

And head to Audible to use the code mentioned in this episode for a free audiobook and 30-day trial.

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Robin Steinweg says:

    What an inspiring interview! I’m starting the journey of “less is more.” Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Along with AoS, becoming is among my top 5 favorite blogs, so it makes me smile to see both of you in one place 🙂

  3. Great conversation! We interviewed Joshua, too, on Clutter Interrupted Radio. LOVE his message. It has changed my thinking and is slowly infiltrating my living…slowly being the key word as it does take some practice! Joshua would be proud knowing I got rid of another blanket today! (haha…listen to our interview with him to know what I’m talking about). Tsh, we’d love to interview you, too. I can never get enough on the art of living simply! Chelle or I will email you!

  4. Joshua is one of my favorite people. I loved the opportunity to hear him speak. Thank you!

  5. Brynn Moe says:

    I have a question for you both… I tend to hold on to tubs of clothing from my little one for the next kid. How do you navigate things you know can be used later on? You save money by handing down the clothes to the next one but it sure would declutter the garage to get rid of the tubs. So are there things you’ve held onto knowing you’ll be using them for the next kid?

    • Our philosophy was to pass the clothes on to new-parent friends who needed them. We figured the chances of our next baby being the same-gender and born in the same-season weren’t as high as most people think—and never a 100% certainty. Meanwhile, we had new parents in our life who certainly did need the clothing.

      You can do far more good (and find far more joy) by giving them to another rather than keeping them for yourselves. If another family can use them today, you’ll reduce your clutter—and the act of generosity will likely be returned in the future.

    • Brynn, Your question kind of relates to one of my favorite ideas in this podcast: treating the thrift store like your storage facility. I love this! We all need different things at different times in life. How cool to just release what you don’t need right now, believing that when/if you need it again, there will be something equally useful waiting there for you! I sympathize with the tubs. They are heavy on the mind. 🙂

  6. what was inspiring to hear was the joy in joshua’s voice as he talked about his life.
    that, a deep & abiding contentment, is what this is all about.

  7. Love the idea of starting with the car! Such a no-brainer.

  8. Miranda says:

    Great episode as always. Will the podcasts continue to be on iTunes? I didn’t see the latest one there so I just listened directly on the site.

  9. I need to stop falling in love with your male guests, Tsh!

    Seriously though – one bit really jumped out at me: the idea about having, “less things in the room calling for your attention…”

    I just wondered, if introversion is being easily over-stimulated, is a desire to live in more minimal surroundings somehow related to that personality type?

  10. Just listened to this one yesterday, really made me think about some of the ‘stuff’ we have in our home.

  11. My family is in the middle of a move and even thought it takes extra work to think through every item – we are all better off when our space is only home to what we need and love.

    I’m so glad to have both The Art of Simple and Becoming a Minimalist for inspiration and reference.


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