Episode 66 of The Art of Simple Podcast with Tsh Oxenreider: Leigh Kramer on the Enneagram

#066: Confront Your Junk

Leigh Kramer knows a thing or three about the Enneagram, a powerful tool used to help identify personal strengths and weaknesses. More than a personality test, the Enneagram helps explain why you act the way you do when you’re stressed, and why you develop certain strengths when you’re growing. It can get confusing, so Leigh answers my questions and shares her favorite resources for better understanding this fascinating ancient tool.


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Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. A few weeks ago I had never heard of the Ennegram test. Now I’m hearing about it everywhere! Just took the test and it said I’m a 6. Security Seeker.

  2. I have not heard of this test but am anxious to try and I what luck I have several books on my list to read and having an Audio version will be so helpful. I found three so far on Audible.com

  3. I had been following along with Leigh’s series on the Enneagram Profile types! Loved that series … so much that I ordered the cards! So happy to have this podcast! Thanks Tsh!

  4. enneagram. i understand the ugh. when i first found my type (4: envy), i thought, good grief. but it’s true. when i am my weakest, i scrounge around comparing my worst to other people’s best. it IS good to know, even if it’s a huge slice of humble pie. 🙂

  5. I am slightly disappointed to learn that I have to pay $10 for a test! But I don’t know my type so I will look into it. Thanks. This was a very helpful introduction for those of us who know very little about the Enneagram.

    • Natalie says:

      If you get the book “Discovering Your Personality Type” by Riso and Hudson, the $10 test is included in the text of the book (and then you can re-take it whenever you’d like). Plus you have the book, which is full of great info. I bought it used for a few dollars on Amazon. The book’s authors are the ones who run the site with the $10 test.

  6. Love this so much! One of my favorite episodes so far.

    What was the line about finding out about “all the ways you suck”? Ha! Yep, exactly. 🙂

    (Type 9!)

  7. Loved this and the blogger profiles Leigh did on her site. As a psych major, I took any personality psychology course they’d let me sign up for. I am a 5w4. All the bad traits are mine. I’ll claim them.

  8. Tsh and Leigh’s podcast and I spent some time with the laundry last night and now I am intrigued. Had never heard of Enneagrams before. Thanks for all the resources! I’ll check out one or more of the books. (I’m a little scared of what it’s all going to tell me…)

  9. I really enjoyed this. I like the part about better understanding how I react (or those I love react) when stressed!

  10. I am excited and terrified to check this out! 🙂

  11. Mark Allman says:

    I like the title…. “Confront your Junk”. It was nice to learn about one of your passions.

  12. I enjoy personality typing for the purpose of personal growth. I don’t know much about the Enneagram, except that my husband had to do it at work. When he looked into it he was bothered that it has murky Gnostic roots. It has no science to back it up.

    I just wanted to put in a word of warning that some various Christian denominations have seen it misused as a “New Age” spiritual practice based in Numerology.

    if you are interested, research it further.


  13. I’m actually surprised that the Enneagram is being promoted on this podcast – I presume you haven’t done any research into it! It is New Age (though stems from Gnosticism) and is thoroughly incompatible with Christianity.

    You can find information about the Catholic Church’s perspective on it here:


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