5 favorite fall mantels

The weather where you are may already be Fall-like and whispering the smell of a roaring fireplace just around the corner, but here in the Southwest U.S. we are definitely still feeling the heat. But glory of glories I travelled north to cooler temps last weekend and finally (finally!) am feeling like decorating for Fall!

I’m pretty much swoon over a well-decorated mantel, even if it’s not exactly my style. It seems like Fall is the usual time of year to really get into mantel decorating (I don’t know about you, but I don’t decorate my mantel for the spring or summer), and I gathered 5 of my favorite looks for Fall mantels right now. Check them out!

Love the rustic + yellow accents in this mantel from My Blessed Life

Love the simple and stunning, from Emily A. Clark

Love the nod to Christmas with this wreath and tree combo, but used with the warmth of Fall, by Just a Girl

Love the hand painted stenciled plates as a part of a Fall mantel, from Home Stories A 2 Z

Love the beautiful sunburst mirror paired with simple Fall colors, from View Along the Way

Have you decorated your Fall mantel yet? Would love to hear what you’ve done!


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  1. These are gorgeous! Very inspiring. Here’s mine from last year: http://friedokra4me.blogspot.com/2011/10/simple-fall-mantle.html

    Although I think I spelled mantel wrong. Hee.

  2. Emily A. Clark’s is definitely my favorite! I don’t have a mantel, but I use these ideas to decorate my flat surfaces like buffets and entry tables. I love Autumn but living in Florida, there is not any Fall-like weather yet. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • We don’t have Fall temps yet and it’s hard to get into the seasonal spirit, isn’t it? Here’s to hoping for cooler days for us both, soon!

  3. I love these- I have decorated a bit here… we actually have an incredible Goodwill that is so organized with a whole fall decorating section! And their prices are incredible. You really should come visit. Anyway, I have pumpkins all over now, and add something here and there. Also at first glance I thought this post was 5 Favorite Fall Mullets.


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