35 things I’ve learned in my 35 years

I turn 35 this weekend. Whaaa? When did that happen? I’m pretty sure I just graduated from college and backpacked around Europe. And don’t I drink Dr. Pepper without feeling gross for days and still go to concerts that start at 10 pm?

Oh wait, I’ve been married a decade and have three kids.

Confession: I LOVE my thirties. Love, love, love them. I’ll take 35 over 25 any day. I’ve felt so much more confident in my own skin, I’m much more aware of how things work, I enjoy the freedom in responsibility, and I’m better at accepting my limitations.

I still feel like a kid, yes, but each year has gotten better and better. My forties are gonna be amazing.

Here are 35 things I’ve learned in my 35 years.

1. Take the time to learn your colors. You’ll have more to wear in your closet when you only buy those.

2. Make eye contact, practice shaking hands, and don’t slouch when you sit.

3. It’s always better to not go into debt. if you’re making a decision about something, and one choice involves having to pay back money down the road, it’s probably not the better option.

4. It’s also always worth it to completely pay off debt. I’ve been debt-free for a little over three years now, and there’s no feeling like it. If you try it and decide it’s not for you, you can always go back into debt.

5. If you’re standing at the counter and can’t decide which one, go for the one with chocolate. That’s always a good move.

6. Shop thrift stores first, but if you don’t find it, don’t settle for almost. It might be worth it to spend more on quality, or maybe you should just wait until you find perfect.

7. Don’t gossip. Just don’t. It eats away at your soul, and it’s poisoning another one. If you only have friends that gossip, go meet some new people.

8. Find a set of recipes you’re really good at cooking, and stick to these basics when you’re having people over for dinner. Save the new recipe testing for family.

9. There’s room enough for everyone to do what they’re good at. Spend more time finding your element than wishing you were gifted with someone else’s.

10. It’s worth it to work out, but do it for your spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Not just to lose weight.

11. You’re never, ever, ever ready for kids. If you wait until life is just perfect, you’ll never have them.

12. Avoid painful shoes. They’re just not worth it.

13. Look your kids in the eye when they’re telling you something. Even if it’s something inane, like why the My Little Pony named Cherry Jubilee should be red with white hair instead of white with red hair—it’s important to your child, so it means the world to them when it looks like you care, too.

14. Buy cheap markers and colored pencils, but get the better, more expensive kind, too. Pull these out when you and your kids are making something epic.

15. Not many people can pull off wearing yellow. Keep it below the belt, or accessorize with it.

16. Always be reading something. The library is your friend.

17. Babies don’t cost nearly as much as the world tells you they are. Be responsible, yes, but you don’t need their college fund set up before they’re conceived.

18. Think—really think—before you hit that “Update” button on Facebook. Read what you just wrote. Do you sound like a jerk? You’ll most likely regret saying it.

19. It’s better to underpack than overpack.

20. At birth, you’re only given so many all-nighters. You’ll use quite a few in college, but make sure you store up enough for the newborn-having years. Eventually, you’ll run out, and there’s no going back.

21. There will be younger people in your life that stay young in your head, and then when you find out they’ve graduated college, gotten a real job, gotten married, or had a baby, you’re going to feel old.

22. If you feel like you don’t have friends, go be a friend to someone. Take a chance and ask her to coffee or lunch. You won’t know if you’ll hit it off until you just ask.

23. If Morgan Freeman narrates it, it’s usually worth watching.

24. Ask people questions about themselves, and find out what they care about. It’s easy to only talk about yourself when you’re nervous or tired, but people feel loved when you listen to their ideas.

25. You’ll almost always regret that vacation-themed t-shirt.

26. If you think you hate a food, try it again in a few years, or try it cooked a different way. You may be surprised.

27. Don’t wait to have a “sex talk” with your kids. Talk about it, age-appropriately, off and on throughout your days. Remind them that they can always, always ask you anything. But be prepared—they will.

28. Travel to a different country as often as you can. But unless you’re in your twenties or younger, don’t stay in the group rooms in the hostels. Stay in apartments whenever possible, and cook a protein-heavy breakfast. You’ll save lots of money, and you won’t be running on fumes stuck on the metro or in the middle of the Louvre.

29. Don’t turn on the TV unless there’s something specific you want to watch. Play lots of music in the house instead, and try different types throughout the day.

30. Tip at least 20 percent, and if your service was good, tip more. You’ll make a waiter’s day.

31. Take your kids on one-on-one dates. It doesn’t have to be anything monumental—an hour at the ice cream shop every other week with just you could ultimately be one of their favorite childhood memories.

32. Tell your kids about your childhood, and don’t skip the parts where you really screwed up. And apologize when you still screw up as an adult.

33. Date your spouse. Don’t go more than two weeks without spending time sans kids, and try not to make your dates all business. Do fun stuff and make each other laugh, like you did before you were married.

34. Even when you go days without acknowledging His goodness, God is still there. And He still loves you wildly.

35. Getting older is something to celebrate. Not everyone gets to—life is a gift. Embrace your age.

I am so, so very thankful for each and every one of you who reads this site. I’m blown away that I get to run Simple Mom for a living, and that’s all thanks to YOU. I’m not kidding… I thank God for you daily. Whatever brought you here, however long ago, I appreciate you. Very grateful, that’s me.

On Monday, I’m giving some of YOU a birthday present—I’m excited!

What would you add to my list of 35s?

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Agghhhh! If I weren’t so lazy (busy) and still did weekly wrap-up posts where I pointed people to each week’s awesome – this would be on it. Instead, I’ll just like and retweet it. 🙂

  2. love your blog Tsh. Happy Birthday 🙂 I’m trying to enjoy my 30’s, you make it sound easy.

  3. Now seems as good a time as any to de-lurk: Have a lovely, lovely, birthday!

    I especially, especially agree with #7 (though it’s hard), #13 (wholeheartedly!), and #24. And thanks for the link in #27 — my 4-yo has started asking questions to which I want to give better, more honest answers.

    Oh, and yes to #35. Though I must say that I’m finding that one more difficult than usual, given that my age this year ends with a 9.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Oh, I love this list. Such good advice here!

  5. Happy Birthday Tsh from another fellow 35er! Enjoy your day 🙂

  6. I really like #9, 10 and 11. I’m trying to convince my husband of #25. And, of course, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with #16.
    Happy happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday! I was shown your site by a friend this year and you have encouraged me SO much. I’m very glad you were born! x

  8. Happy Birthday Tsh!
    I would add to your list:
    Read the Bible every day. God always has something He wants to tell us.

  9. Happy Birthday Tsh! I am loving my thirties way more than my twenties but I am planning on rocking my forties something fierce. Hope you have a great day and enjoy.

  10. sadly, the older i get, the more i realise that i *shouldn’t* choose the one with chocolate, but there’s lots of reasons for that… 😉 i love yellow! yellow is not so fond of me… 😉
    i’m turning 30 early next year, and i’ve written a lost of thirty things to do before i turn thirty – slowly chipping away at it…

    hope you have a wonderful birthday! 😀

  11. The Morgan Freeman comment make me chuckle. totally enjoyed your list, thanks for sharing.

  12. Thias is really a great list! Happy Birthday Tsh, thanks for so much inspiration and have a wonderful time.

  13. I hope you have a fantabulous birthday. Awesome list. Nos. 8 and 9 really speak to me. And 22 and 24. Okay, the whole list is coolness.

  14. Happy Birthday, Tsh! I’m grateful for this blog!

  15. Happy Birthday!!

    Awesome list. Love it. I would add “Hug and kiss your spouse everyday.” Even on the days when its the last thing you might want to do.

  16. Happy Birthday Tsh!

    Thank you for running simple mom! I love your honesty, your stories and the love that comes through in each one of your posts!

  17. Love this post and I’m loving my 30s, too. Happy Birthday!

  18. I’m a chronic blog lurker, but I just wanted to say that I love this, Tsh! Thanks for sharing! I agree with (or will agree with) most of your thoughts (I have no kids yet). I do think mustard yellow is a great color on a lot of people! It’s a nice “pop” color whether it’s pants, or a coat. No mustard yellow from head to toe though!

    I’m glad you mentioned “always tipping 20%.” I don’t think most of your readers make it a habit to eat out at super expensive restaurants, so really, what’s a few more bucks anyway? As much as I’m watching my budget, I feel much better being generous than being stingy. If those few dollars are too much of a stretch, I probably shouldn’t be eating out then!

    Anyhow, great thoughts! I’m almost 30 so I appreciated reading this.

    • “As much as I’m watching my budget, I feel much better being generous than being stingy.” YES! Me too. And if we don’t want to pay a 20% tip, we go somewhere without a waiter. (And we still leave a buck or two in the jar on the counter.)

      And I love mustard yellow, too—I just keep it on my earrings, my bag, and my shoes. 🙂

  19. I was born knowing some of these (#16!) but the wisdom of some didn’t strike me till age 30 or so–like 12, 14, and 31. I wonder what *I’ll* learn before I’m 35?

    Such a fun list, Tsh!!

  20. This was perfect for today…it’s my 30th birthday, and I’m glad to know 30s will be amazing! The thing I would add is take time to dance, especially with your kids. It chases away all kinds of grumpies 🙂

  21. I love this list. #35 is my favorite. I see so many women lamenting their age. I am thoroughly enjoying my 30s too.

  22. Love this! SO true!
    I resonated with so many, but especially like #11.


  23. Happy Birthday!

    “At birth, you’re only given so many all-nighters. You’ll use quite a few in college, but make sure you store up enough for the newborn-having years. Eventually, you’ll run out, and there’s no going back.”

    I laughed at this one. So true!

  24. Happy Birthday, Tsh! You’re an inspiration to me and I think to a lot of people that read “Simple Mom”.

  25. Happy Birthday Tsh for this weekend. I will be turning 50 in a couple of weeks and I have a few to add to the list.
    36. You are never too old to try something new.
    37. Surround yourself with friends that only bring positive energy, who, when you pick up the phone at 2am will be there for you in a crisis. It’s not quantity but quality.
    38. Give up worrying about what people think of you, be authentic to yourself and let the rest go……I think i need to make my own list hmmmmm.
    Thanks, great list.

  26. I have always been a fan of yours, but after reading this I just want to be your friend! Your 35 years of wisdom really resonated with me and I cannot wait to share this with others. Have a fabulous birthday!!!

  27. Happy bday Tsh !
    i turned 35 last year and your list echoes so many on my list too – just that u have super knack of expressing them .
    Thanks for making us all sit down and ‘re-think ‘ on our priorties .
    Mamta from sydney

  28. Hey, you forgot one thing … one that I learned from you, don’t keep clutter in your life. It is not worth it. Only keep what you love, find beautiful, or find useful 🙂

  29. Hey, you forgot one thing … one that I learned from you, don’t keep clutter in your life. It is not worth it. Only keep what you love, find beautiful, or find useful 🙂 I am just now 28 (in the trenches with 3 kids 4 and under). You give me hope for the next decade!

  30. LOVE this! I turn 30 next week and I am so very excited to be in my 30’s finally. 🙂 These were great, and many of them are along the lines of what I have learned in my 30 years. Thanks for the list!

  31. Take it one day at a time. Because really, that’s all we have.

    I like #27. I always answer every sex question honestly and simply.

  32. Robin from Frugal Family Times says:

    Happy birthday, Tsh! How about # 36: Women’s bodies are amazing. They can make people! They can feed people! Focusing only on how your body, and other women’s bodies, look is silly and a waste of time.

  33. Tsh,
    You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing yxour thoughts. I turn 35 next Tuesday, and have been contemplating life. Happy Birthday!

  34. Tsh,
    You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I turn 35 next Tuesday, and have been contemplating life. Happy Birthday!

  35. I loved this! So many good points. 🙂 I turned 33 this year and I’m married with a 2-year-old. Most of my friends are younger than me, unmarried with no kids… So, it’s easy to miss how things once were and to be scared of getting older. I need to enjoy life now and be thankful every day!

  36. Loved this! Thanks for sharing your list.

  37. Kendall Brunson says:

    Happy Birthday! I loved your list.

  38. Hands down this is the best post I’ve read today!!! I agree with SOOOO much of this list. Blessings on your next 35 (and more!) years to come.

  39. Happy Birthday! I would say that first impressions are usually right. Stick with your gut!

  40. katharine olivia says:

    I’m 53 with one 10 year old and would add that 1) Presentation matters, 2) Manners are important and at the end of it all, its probably not worth getting that upset about if you aren’t going to remember it a year from now.
    Happy 35!

  41. “If you try it and decide it’s not for you, you can always go back into debt.” Ha! Loved it. Thanks for a lot of great advice!

  42. A very Happy Birthday! I enjoyed your list. I would like to add one:
    #36 Tell your kids you will always Love them no matter what, but you may not always Like them and make sure they know the difference! It makes Loving even in difficult times easier when you realize to Love someone doesn’t always mean you Like them. It is also a great example of God’s Love since I know there are times He doesn’t Like what I am doing but He will always Love me!

  43. Don’t waste mental energy on past decisions and what you should have done differently. Every step in life took me to where I am today and shapes how I make decisions now.

    Be friendly to anyone who provides you a service (waitress, janitor, police officer, etc.).

  44. Happy Birthday!! May there be lots of your favorite cake. 🙂

  45. Happy birthday Tsh!
    I love your list and will be using the next few months of my 35th year to reflect on them. What I’ve learned? It’s never as big a deal as it seems in the moment…good or bad.

  46. I love #23! Morgan Freeman is pretty great! 🙂

  47. Happy birthday!!!! Love your list. Some of these reminders were just what I needed to hear right now. And I keep an old newspaper clipping of this list from Erma Bombeck. I re-read it every once in a while to stay on track.

  48. Kelly Lange says:

    Great post, Tsh! I agree with you 100% on these. Having just turned 40 myself, I’ll tell you that the 40s are pretty awesome too. Thanks for making my 30s and 40s even better with all of your thought-provoking, witty, and useful blogging 🙂

  49. Thanks for writing this! I look forward to sharing it with my girlfriends! It brightened my a.m. even more!

  50. Great list! Also 35, also loving it 🙂 Here are my additions.
    36. Forgive. Keeping yourself in jail over somebody elses ill towards you is a little bit twisted, and takes far too much energy!
    37. Start your day well. Read the Bible/pray/exercise, or some combination of all of them. Do it before your kids wake up, or you spend all day wishing you’d done the before school routine a little more graciously!
    38. Drink more tea. From a pretty mug, the bigger the better. Slow down and enjoy it, it is a partial cure for most things.
    39. Don’t leave crying out to Jesus for a last resort. Pray now, let worry drop off the to do list. Definitely a formula for lighter-hearted living.
    40. Don’t spend much time on the computer, but when you do, make it worthwhile, something that encourages or uplifts you or someone else, not drains you and makes you feel like you’ve lost or wasted time.
    Thanks for asking! Have a blast being 35!

  51. Bonnie Jean says:

    I am rapidly approaching 55 and working on my own list… I would add a few… if you do not like doing something… don’t do it… unless God is telling you to do it. And wear clothes that fit you properly… you will always look better and no one knows what size you are wearing (does anyone every ask to look at the label … really ???) Only wear what you really like… even if it is “out” that year. It will come back again and again and again. Wear pretty shoes, but shoes that fit and do not hurt. There are pointy toe high heels that fit and do not hurt. They cost a lot. But they are worth having one pair of. Cole Haan makes shoes that the designer of the Nike designs and they have the same comfort level. They are about half or less than the Christian LaCroix and the Jimmy Choo shoes. Try shoes on at the end of the day … and make sure you can return them. Wear them around the house for an hour or so before you decide to keep them. If they slide off your heels they do not fit. You will never be ready for children…. and teenagers are way harder than babies. You will stay up much later with them and be more tired and scared because the problems even get bigger. Thank God that He is with you on those nights. Be yourself. Do not try to be great at everything. Appreciate the talents of others and when you are having a party… ask your friends to do the things you know they are great at… like the centerpiece or the chocolate cake to die for. Chocolate is a must to have on hand. Bandaids… neosporin… and chocolate… milk and some good tea. Essentials. Find a lip stick color that works for you and buy ten. The next time you want it … it will be gone. Buy really good underwear. Victoria’s Secret has a sale twice a year. Make sure that fits too. Get a bra fitting after you have kids and have lost the weight… you will be shocked. Love God… love yourself … and love your neighbor and your friends and family as you love yourself… give more than you get… and don’t ever forget that while you only see a snapshot… God sees the whole picture. I used to have long auburn hair in the 60’s and 70’s and so on… now I have long silvery gray hair… and like God says… Gray hair is a “crown of splendor.” “Everything is beautiful in it’s time…” and “GOD is in the details.” (Most people get that one wrong.) Happy Birthday !!! It only gets better !!!

  52. Happy birthday! My thirties have been my favorite decade so far. I’ve got a year and a half until my forties — ten more years of more fully growing into myself.

    Is that, by chance, a travel T in your last picture? Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉

  53. I like 29. Not watching tv makes everyone use their creativity.

  54. I’m so glad to have found your blog about a year ago now. Your writing inspires me and also tells me I’m not alone in my struggles (raising kids, mid-30’s, finances) when I read your blog… Thank you for writing and really sharing here.

    Enjoy your birthday!!!

    Many blessings to you,

  55. I love this! Thanks! I agree-the 30s are so much fun!!!

  56. Stephanie says:

    I love this!! I will be pinning it and sharing it with others!! 🙂 I am 37 1/2 and I think one of the most poignant points you made was to “embrace your age” and that “growing old is something to celebrate” because “not everyone gets to.” So very true. I will never, ever say anything again insinuating that birthdays as the years go on aren’t as worthy of celebration as the younger years…because every day is a gift. 🙂 And just for the record, I love my 30s, too. 🙂

  57. Happy birthday!!!! love the ideas. Packing ligt resonates with me and not just for trips!! i want to experience my life not just curate my stuff. I am 40 with a 2 yo and 1 month old and so far 40 is exponentially better than 30.

  58. I love you, lady! This was perfect 🙂

  59. Thank you for sharing your positive attitude about being in your 30’s instead of the typical “I feel old, I dread my birthday every year, I miss my 20’s” attitude. As a 20-something woman, you’ve given me a fresh perspective and something to look forward to instead of looking toward the future with dread and fear. How refreshing! Happy Birthday!

  60. This is such a great list, I’m tempted to print out a QR code linking to it from my salon website. 🙂 I remember that I didn’t even hit my stride until I was 33, and from there everything just started to “fit” and I’ve been comfortable in my own skin ever since! I am a 41 year old empty-nester, and now get to date my husband two or three times a week, so we’re making up for all those years where we had to actually pawn off the kids on grandma/pa and skip town for a weekend three times a year because our daily life was so hectic.

  61. Christina Y. says:

    What an awesome post, Tsh! And happy, happy 35th birthday! I hope you have an amazing day, as your blog has brightened so many of mine 🙂

  62. Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Great list of things learned. I turn 38 in November!! Time flies when your having fun! I hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend!

  63. What a great list of things that you have learned over the years. Love it! Happy Birthday!!

  64. What a great list…and a wonderful way to celebrate all you’ve learned.

  65. Happy Birthday! You are wonderful. You inspire me. Thanks for what you do!

  66. Happy Birthday Tsh!!!! LOVE this post! Some of these I’m still learning! You make turning 30 a wee-bit less scary. Maybe I don’t need to hold onto 29 and 1/2 so tightly.

  67. Tsh, you are so darn wise. I’m a little more than 10 years older than you are…but…well, you just seem to have it all together MUCH more so than I do!

  68. I love your list!!! LOVE it!! Happy 35th and cheers to another wonderful year!

  69. Great birthday post. Now you’ve got me thinking about what I’ve learned for my next birthday. Here’s one that we’ve used a lot lately: Once you’re an adult and you have children, you get a say at what can come into your house. Don’t be burdened by other people’s guilt or generosity when it can be a blessing to others.

  70. What a lovely and so honest post. I can see exactly where some of these suggestions have popped up in my own life.
    Have a wonderful birthday, Tsh!

  71. I’ll be 35 in March. Where does it go?? Grateful that there aren’t too many things I look back on with regret, and trying to live forward so I’ll still be able to say that in another 35 years. Thanks Tsh and happy birthday!

  72. I just don’t understand where time goes; I’m turning 30 next year may’ but still feel like I’m not grown up. Have to pinch myself every now and then and remind myself I have a grown up job, and that I am in a grown up relationship

  73. Great list – Happy 35th!

  74. I love your list! Happy 35th. You are absolutely right on when you say the 30’s are the best! I’m 36 and the last 6 years have been my best and happiest yet!

  75. happy bday. #23 is the reason I subscribe to your site. I love this list

  76. Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed your list and completely agree with all of it. I think the only things I would add would be what i have heard you say in your podcast that you should follow your passion even if it means doing it for free because, in the beginning, it will probably be for free. I would also add to the list: pay extra for a pair of jeans that fit & buy them in a dark color, your truly get what you give in this world, and do not skip the memories/vacations/trips of a lifetime because of your work ‘in box’. You will never be able to remember what was so important that was in your ‘in box’. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  77. Happy birthday, Tsh! I’ll be 35 in a couple more months, so I guess I still have time to learn 🙂

    I will say this, my 30s have been difficult, so I hope I can turn them around for a better second half!

  78. Happy Birthday!! Great list and great site(s)!! You are blessed with your creativity and vision and it is no surprise that you have such a following! Thanks for making it a reality and giving the rest of us so much inspiration!!

  79. maddalena70 says:

    Happy birthday Tsh…

    And many thanks to you and your blog…. to be here with lots of suggestions…. helpfull advices… and lot of grace for people like me that need help and inspiration during bad and hard period.
    I am writting from Italy and I a big fan if your blog.



  80. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TSH!! I agree with you – my 30’s were great! I was actually really excited to turn 30 – because then I “felt old enough to tell people what to do”. Not that I hadn’t been telling people what to do – but I worked on a L&D/Postpartum unit with a bunch of women in their 40’s and 50’s (and some 30’s) and they would always say “Oh . . . you are only in your 20’s . . . what do you know?” Well – I was happy when 30 came! 🙂 Now 40 . . . I wasn’t quite looking forward to that – but decided to take the edge off by going on a cruise with my 2 sisters and mom to celebrate! That made turning 40 a fun and memorable event! 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your 30’s – and yes . . . your 40’s will be FABULOUS! 🙂

    L 🙂

  81. Happy birthday! At 33, I absolutely love this list and you are so right. My 30s have been so much better than my 20s, so far!! The only thing that I would add to your list is that life is too short to hold grudges. Forgive and let it go. Don’t waste any time letting yourself be consumed by hate or discontent.

  82. Oh, I love this. I was planning to do the same thing next week for my birthday! I’m older though, so will have to come up w/ more. 🙂 Your list is great and I would include some of them in mine. I loved my 30’s too – you just accept yourself and decide to be happy. I hope your birthday is wonderful – filled with hugs and chocolate!

  83. Jennifer Mcmurray says:

    Happy birthday – so thankful for you tsh and that God has given you this gift of encouraging others.
    Love your blog of 35
    I’m 34 and agree life keeps getting better and better you see more and more of God’s faithfulness in every season
    One thing on my list of lessons learned is not to attempt to cut my own kid’s hair!!!
    Thanks for you and all you do

  84. This was my first visit to your site and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This post was awesome! I think I said “yes”, “amen” or “that’s right” after every one…LOL!

    I look forward to your emails 🙂

  85. How funny I should read this post today as it is my birthday and I am also 35! Happy birthday to you! May this be your best year ever.

  86. Happy Birthday this weekend, Tsh! Thank *you* for all the Simple Living Media sites.

  87. Wonderful post, Tsh! I think your 40’s WILL be even more awesome than your 30’s. Mine have been. Now I’m 48, I’m a bit suspicious that perhaps my 50’s can’t POSSIBLY be any better than this, but one thing is sure, we all keep learning. Thanks so much for your list and your creativity and honesty.

    I’d seen your title in Google reader this morning and have been waiting all day to read this!

  88. Thank you for the list! Loved it!


  89. Happy Birthday!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site, it’s always very helpful and encouraging!
    I would add: Pray for everything before you take action – for those huge decisions, but even for little things like a lost brand new toy that your kid just lost or trying to find out how in the world those ants got into your house – God is always there and always wanting to help and show you His love! 🙂

  90. Happy birthday! I hope I can be as wise as you when I grow up (I’m 33!). What a great list.

  91. Happy Birthday, Tsh! I just turned 35 this summer-and I love the 30’s too! This list was fabulous-it took me well over an hour just reading through it and some of the links. Thanks for sharing it!

  92. Great list. It is amazing what life and experience teach us…

  93. I love this list! I turned 38 this year and I agree – I have loved my 30s and am looking forward to my 40s. I have learned so much about myself and become more self-aware and this has helped me to be more graceful with others and cut people some slack. I especially love #35 – I had a heart attack when I was 32 and almost died. I’m still learning how to take advantage of this second chance. Have a happy birthday and I hope you have many more!

  94. Happy Birthday! I’m a few months behind you, and I think my list would look very similar, sans the kids. I’ve been stuck on that we’re not ready but we are. Enjoy your 30s, and keep inspiring so many…I know I’m inspired, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my newfound freedom in being simple.

  95. Happy Happy day Tsh! I loved every one of your 35 lessons and agree with them. For #36, [lookiing back from 61 years] ~Nothing in this life is about me; it’s all about Jesus.

  96. 11. You’re never, ever, ever ready for kids. If you wait until life is just perfect, you’ll never have them.

    That’s my favorite one!
    Thank you for all of this widsom. 🙂

  97. Happy, happy birthday, friend! You deserve every wonderful thing that comes your way!


  98. Been following you quietly for a while but breaking my silence to say Happy Birthday! This list is so inspiring. #35 is my favorite.

  99. Love this. I’m in my twenties, and I’m barely discovering life as a wife and mom. It’s exciting that it just keeps getting better.

  100. I’m 36, so I’ll just add one thing : ) Don’t wait another year to do that thing, wear that thing, get that hairstyle, or start that hobby. People will think it’s a mid-life crisis if you wait too long, when really, it’s just taken you that long to be comfortable enough in your own skin to do it, wear it, be it…whatever.

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