I‘ve loved the series on Simple Homeschool lately, where Jamie and the contributors (sounds like a band name) have shared their biggest homeschooling mistakes. One post at a time, they’ve saddled up to the plate to confess one thing they’ve wished were different about their teaching experience.

I’m also reading Grace for the Good Girl, a newly-released book by my dear friend Emily Freeman. In it, she confesses to myriad masks she’s donned her entire life in desperate effort to keep her accolades as a good girl. She admits her imperfection.

At Relevant this past weekend, I sensed a repeated murmur of conversation wrapped up in the theme, It’sOkayToBeImperfectBecauseWhoIsn’t?. Be it in your writing style, an embarrassment over your Twitter following, or your desire to be more “influential,” the conference room became a breathing space for women to feel okay about who they are and the platform they’ve been given.

In short… People are fessing up to not having their act together.
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What choosing peace does not mean :: Steady Mom Self-imposed limitations :: Nesting Place Naturally treat your child’s cold or flu :: Mothering High-tech progress vs. vintage values: do we have to choose? The Happiest Mom Hallowing Halloween :: Christianity Today (love this perspective) I missed this leaf blanket in my backyard while I was (read more…)

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Scan artist: Scan your way to an organized life.

Didn’t scholars predict that we’d be a paperless society by now? I read that in a magazine article once, but don’t ask me to find it… it’s probably under the mound of bills, school papers, receipts and magazines that used to be my dining room table. The paper clutter in my house has been a (read more…)

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Five work-at-home challenges (and how to handle them)

Working at home is a dream come true for moms who long to both be home with their kids and earn an income. But once you’re elbow-deep in the chaotic mix of running a business and raising a family, you may discover that there are some, er, challenges to working from home that often go (read more…)

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Do you need white space?

How many items do you have on your to-do list? How about goals? Do you have more than a few that you’d like to achieve? If you’re looking to simplify your life, likely that’s because your list is filled to the brim with goals, interests, activities, passions, people, and work. It gets especially sticky taking (read more…)

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