Don’t borrow trouble

There are many troublesome things in life: the economy, poverty, crime, and disease, just to name a few. And if these issues aren’t enough, there’s also the worry associated with everything that’s just beyond our control. Worry can dominate your life. So can fear. “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for (read more…)

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5 reasons to line dry your laundry

I love the response this post got when I first published it in summer 2009 — it really show the vast diversity of all our living spaces and cultures. I‘m not a luddite—I love technology. I love the ways it enhances our home life in so many ways, from storing our food at adequate temperatures, to (read more…)

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Perfection: the thief of “good enough”

We move into our new home tomorrow, so I’ve been reminded yet again about that nasty little idol called ‘perfectionism,’ and how it just loves to rob our peace. I wrote this post at this time last year, when I was cuddling newborn Finn. Different home, same message still rings true. If you suffer from (read more…)

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Fun and frugal ideas to make the most of summer break

Summer break is exciting for kids but always mildly stressful for me as a working parent with a flexible schedule. I worry that I cannot manage the schedule change and the kids will spend too much time doing nothing. I worry that by the time we start making the most of it, the summer break (read more…)

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The secret of success for work-at-home moms

What if I told you that there was one principle that would have the biggest impact on whether or not you’re successful as a work-at-home mom? Hint: It’s not the industry or niche you choose. It’s not the structure of your business or what trade organizations you join. It’s not even the people you network (read more…)

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