I’m back, in more ways than one.

Hi. I’m back from my maternity leave. I hope you enjoyed those 23 guest posts while I was away from this little place (twenty-three!). I loved everyone’s perspective shared on all kinds of topics, from potty training infants, to why dirt is good for you, to why adopting is such a beautiful thing. I was (read more…)

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Weekend links

Breastfeeding often eliminates the use of one hand while sitting down for a few minutes (or longer…), so that means I’ve been consuming more than producing out in the blog world the past month. Kinda exhausting to type one-handed after awhile. So it’s been fun to get back into actually reading blogs, something I haven’t (read more…)

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Creating post-vacation peace for your children

The summer months offer families a time to get away, enjoy a change in scenery, and breathe some fresh air. Whether the days away are filled with sightseeing, hiking, sailing, amusement parks, or lazy days at the beach, the relaxed and refreshed spirit that has been nurtured by a vacation can quickly be quenched by (read more…)

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6 military mom tips for flying solo

A few months ago a fellow Navy wife and her children were over for a playdate.  While we sat on the patio and watched the kids play in the backyard, she and I started talking about one of the main issues military moms face…parenting solo while our husbands are away. We military mothers find ourselves (read more…)

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Creating a kid-friendly yard to promote outdoor play

One of my favorite parts about spring and summer is how much more time my kids are able to spend outside. They argue less, use their imaginations more and sleep better after a long day of playing hard outside. When it comes to our yard, our goal is to create simple landscaping that invites our (read more…)

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