20 ways to add sweetness to your life

Last month I wrote about noisy foods and the impact they have on your body and mind.  As I read through all the comments, I was struck by how many of us struggle with feeling addicted to sugar. I certainly don’t take a hard line on sugar and feel it should never pass your lips…  (read more…)

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8 tips for stress-free camping

Family camping trips always seem blissful in hindsight, but when you’re piling the station wagon full of coolers, tents, first aid kits, life jackets, and extra water bottles, it can seem the very opposite of relaxing. The dread of packing and unpacking so much gear can leave many a mom wary of the family campout, (read more…)

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How to potty train your infant

Since this post is about potty training, I am forced to use the words poop and pee to differentiate between the kinds of body waste. So consider yourself warned before you continue reading this post…. My youngest turned two last month. She has been completely diaper-free (nights, naps and travel included) for over six months. (read more…)

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Get organized for your staycation

Let’s face it…as mothers, family vacations are rarely restful. Fun, full of memories and worth the hard work,  yes. Restful, not so much. Many families are taking back their yearly vacations with the advent of “staycations,” but a staycation has the potential to be just as stressful — if not more so — than a (read more…)

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On raising a three-child family

Raising three kids is not simply raising two kids plus one more. A three-kid family has a different dynamic, and it’s not the default dynamic of most family situations. Event tickets are sold in packs of four. If you’ve just had your third kid, you might not be able to fit your kids’ car seats (read more…)

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