Home Management Notebooks are a great idea.

Home Management Notebooks absolutely work for me.

Here’s are quick links to my Home Management Notebook series:

  1. Having a Home Management Notebook is good.
  2. Identity and target your Most Important Tasks.
  3. Consider using a Daily Docket.
  4. Use a Weekly Checklist as your main reference point.
  5. Brainstorm ideas for what else you might need in your Notebook.

I hope you found this series useful. Using a Home Management Notebook isn’t a new idea – chances are, many of you already use one. But if this is new to you and trying one is uncharted territory, here are a few pointers:

• The point of a notebook is to have all your management tools in one place. Include what you need, leave out what you don’t.

Do what works for you. If you prefer to scribble in pencil on a Moleskine Notebook, then by all means, do that! You could even have it all online using your favorite tools in one location. I’ve thought about doing that myself, but I just can’t handcuff myself to the laptop – I share it with my hubby, and I’m up and around too much during the day. Maybe one day, though.

• It helps me if my notebook looks pretty —  know I use it more when I like to look at it. I use scrapbook paper, magazine clippings, and whatever else strikes my fancy to personalize my baby and make it mine.

If it doesn’t work at first, don’t throw in the towel! Give it more time, or change it up, or take a short break and think about what might work better for you. We all manage our households differently – the point is to do it well, simply, and stress-free.

As promised, here is a FREE PDF download of my Daily Docket and Weekly Checklist. Update: All the downloads can be found on the downloads page. I’ve made them a bit more generic, so maybe you’ll find them useful. In fact, I’ve included two Daily Dockets – one is identical to the one I use; the other has two areas with blank titles for you to fill in, in case mine aren’t something you need. You’ll see what I mean when you download it.

And finally, here’s a little more inspiration juice to get you going on a notebook that works for you:

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The rest of my Home Management Notebook

Photo by esotericsean So far, I’ve discussed my Daily Docket and my Weekly Checklist as the essential components of my Home Management Notebook. I use the Checklist as my reference for my Docket – my general goal is to complete everything on the Checklist every week. Rarely does this happen, but having a master list (read more…)

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Weekly home management, all at a glance

To use my Daily Docket, I refer to my Weekly Checklist. It provides me with a master plan of what I usually need to get done in a typical week. Photo by Buddy Stone Here’s a thumbnail of my list (click to enlarge it): I know it seems a bit intense, but it really works (read more…)

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Menu plan Monday – recovery week

Photo by branflakez It seems like every week I find a great reason for having a really simple menu. Currently, it’s that we’re still in recovery mode from our wonderful month-long house guests, and I’m sure that next week, there will be another reason. Such is this life stage. Such is the reason why I (read more…)

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We have a winner!

The winner of The Total Money Makeover is Karen at Simply A Musing Blog! Congrats, Karen. I hope it blesses your family and serves as an encouragement to you. (She, incidentally, also loves triple suicide chocolate cake.) For the other 156 of you, I still highly encourage you to get it. It has been the (read more…)

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