20 favorite monthly gift subscriptions

One of my favorite gifts is a really stellar monthly subscription box that will surprise me each time with fun, unexpected things. I’m not talking about fruit or cheese of the month (though those are arguably pretty awesome in their own right) but more along the lines of toys, beauty products, handmade gifts and goods for guys.

What’s even better? These gifts won’t require you to ship anything right now, or wrap anything, or really even worry if it’s a last minute shopping kindof thing. Just gift a subscription to someone you love and boom – you’re done.

Check out my roundup below, chosen based on my own experience or reviews and recommendations from friends. Happy gifting!

*image from Citrus Lane

Gifts For Mamas

Citrus Lane

This is my favorite service for moms, I’ve had this service for about 15 months (since I was pregnant with my daughter!). I adore the healthy/eco bent to all the products, and each month everything is age-centered so my box is full of items my baby is loving at that time. Sometimes I’ll find lotions or soaps, sometimes food, sometimes clothes or toys – it’s just awesome. Check out Citrus Lane for a great gift of moms of babies or mamas to be!

Kiwi Crate

I have never tried Kiwi Crate, but I have friends who rave about it. This service sends you materials and activities for your kids that are meant to inspire them to use their imagination even more.

Green Kids Crafts

Eco-friendly fun for the toddler to preschool set, Green Kids Crafts looks like so much fun for helping grow little minds without using toxic supplies.


The boxes from BabbaBox always include crafts for kids in these 4 areas: Create, Explore, Story Tell and Connect. Each activity will guide your child through one of those 4 paths. Love it!


This service looks adorable – Wittlebee sends you clothing for kids each month! You personalize it based on your child. It’s around $40 for $100 worth of clothes. Fun!

*image from Turntable Kitchen

Gifts For Him

Trunk Club

This is a really cool service that will pick out clothes for a guy, send him a box of those clothes, let him pick what he wants to keep (and buy) and have a pre-paid label to send the rest back. Trunk Club is a great gift for a guy that doesn’t have the time (or talent) to shop for outfits himself.


This service is for the dude who doesn’t want to deal with those pesky personal hygiene items that you have to buy each month. It’s funny, because I’d love to buy this for my husband because it would encourage throwing out old worn socks and underwear, which is a GOOD thing, am I right ladies? Manpacks lets you choose the personality/style of the guy subscribing and then sends them socks, underwear and personal products each month.

Birchbox Men

Similar to the Birtchbox for women, the Birchbox Men monthly service is in even higher demand. For that guy who loves to still take care of his rockin looks, I love this idea.

Turntable Kitchen

This service can certainly be for men or women, but I also think it’s great for that guy who is difficult to shop for. The Pairings Box from Turntable Kitchen includes a 7 inch vinyl, a digital mixed tape, dry ingredients with recipes to use them in, occasional treats and other goodies.

*image from ipsy

Gifts For the Beauty Lover


I subscribed to Birchbox (purveyors of all things Beauty) recently and while I’m not ready to marry it, we can definitely start dating. Each box has had at least one item that I swoon over and that makes it worth it, and it’s perfect for beauty product lovers that like to try lots of different brands.


A new competitor of Birchbox, it looks like the “glam bag” monthly box by ipsy is double the size as well as double the price. Still a great deal as far as your savings goes, and I do love bigger trial sizes that ipsy offers (compared to Birtchbox).

*image from Umba Box

Gifts For the Lover of Handmade/Art

Love Club

Each month I receive this lovely little box full of pretty handmade things from Love Club. It might have jewelry, it might have salted caramels, but no matter what I’m always a little giddy when my Love Club box arrives. You definitely want to get on the waiting list to be able to start receiving boxes! It’s also fun to support small business artisans, isn’t it?

Umba Box

I love Umba Box because for a fraction of the cost, I receive 2-3 handmade items that are Etsy-ish and gorgeous. I love being surprised. I love the cool finds.

Art in a Box

Pretty much exactly as it sounds, you can gift Art in a Box to someone who loves new designs in their mailbox each month. They get to say what their preferences and style look like, and enjoy new art in their home on a regular basis.

*image from For the Makers

Gifts for the DIY-er

Brit Kit

Stylish DIY projects that you can do in 30 minutes or less? Brit Kit seems to be speaking my language!

Whimsey Box

I’ve never tried Whimsey Box, and I don’t know what it is, but I’m really drawn to their site and service. I love their videos and project ideas and know I’d love receiving the project materials to do fun DIY’s each month!

For the Makers

A beautiful collection of projects you can use to create things as well as get inspiration from, For the Makers hits the sweet spot for craft lovers.

*image from Conscious Box

Gifts For Eco-friendly/Healthy

Blissmo Box

Looking for a monthly box of organic, eco-friendly items? Blissmo lets you choose between food, beauty/personal care or seasonal, and you get a box that is healthy and in the theme you chose.

Conscious Box

I love the look of Conscious Box – it seems to be more artisanal than it’s competitors, and still delivers planet-conscious goodies. Check it out!

Paleo Pax

I have a lot of friends eating Paleo diets these days (we may be headed there ourselves) so this service caught my eye. Paleo Pax sends out a box of paleo-approved snacks so you don’t have to hunt for them yourselves. Great idea for those folks in your life who’ve taken the paleo plunge.

Have you tried any of these services? Would love to hear which you recommend!


Arianne creates style ideas, writes thoughts on parenting 4 children, plants knowledge in young minds, curates lovely things, and does it all with an eye for the story being woven through her each and every day. As the owner of Mabel + Riv, she strives to bring you inspiration, handmade creations and beauty from voices across the creative-sphere. Find her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as @ariannesegerman.

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  1. Wow! I know some of these, but there are a bunch that are new to me! Thanks for a great list! Ideas are rolling. 😉

  2. Awesome round-up of subscription services. Definitely pinning this one for future reference!


  3. I’ve never heard of 95% of these! (I wonder how many are available in Canada?!). I’ve recently subscribed to OliveBox for my daughters and I – it holds creative goodies each month.

  4. I’ve never had a subscription gift service but almost bought Olive Box for myself and Sarah for her bday, but just didn’t get around to it yet!


  5. I should get my first Birchbox in the next few days. A lot of these others sound really tempting, thanks for this awesome post!

  6. Great mix! So many news ones and nice to see some of my favorites like Kiwi Crate.

  7. Oh, i LOVE this idea!! What a fantastic roundup of ideas. I just might have to order some of these for ourselves, Christmas gifts or not. =)

  8. Awesome list! I was also wondering; do any of them not have a waiting list? I’m a little bummed at that 🙁

    • Katherine says:


      I just tried out a new handmade box. Pretty Box has two different monthly boxes, a beauty one and a feature box. Prices are good and all the items are full-size, too. I tried the feature box last month, and I’m trying the beauty box this month. There’s no waiting list as far as I know. I’ll get a longer subscription when I decide whether I like the beauty or the feature box more. Pretty Box is at http://www.inaprettybox.com — Hope this helps! 🙂

      P.S. — Birchbox for men sounds like a great Father’s Day gift! Great list!

  9. A new book of the month club for kids just started. A great gift to keep the kids reading. http://www.littletrainbooks.com

  10. Young Authors Treasure Box
    Young Authors Treasure Box was created to help children become better readers and writers. The subscription boxes come every other month. There are between 4-8 books in every box along with writing materials so that children can write their own stories in binding books.

  11. Starting at $6.50 per month • free shipping
    The Organically Green Soap Company manufactures organic handmade soap in the U.S.A. http://member.ly/the-organically-green-soap-company-soap-of-month

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  13. I really like graze and NatureBox!
    I am considering sending my sister a stork stack subscription 🙂

  14. Awesome list – one that I love is BlindSurprise.com – they work with artists and designers around the US and send you gifts that fit your interest. I use it for gifting and buy it for myself. love it

  15. I was subscribed to Birchbox for almost a year but was very disappointed in the products I was receiving. I cancelled that service and started getting the ipsy glam bag. I have been loving it so far! It has been about 6 months now and not once have I thought a bag was not worth it.

  16. If you’re into spices and cooking, I would also highly recommend checking out RawSpiceBar’s spice of the month club. They create small batch spice blends from a different region of the world every month- it’s really fun and a unique gift idea!


  17. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  18. If you enjoy coffee, Angelino’s Coffee offers a great service for Single Cup Coffees lovers on http://www.angelinos.com Their coffee quality is the best I’ve ever tried, and their auto-delivery makes things very convenient as well.

  19. Jen Marvin says:

    Citrus Lane has closed up shop, they are no longer taking orders. Can you find a similar service to recommend?

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