The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenreider

Podcast ep. 19: Strength in Someone’s Story with Mary Carver

What would it be like to take world from someone posthumously and share it with the world? That’s what Tsh talks about with Mary Carver, whose book, Choose Joy, shares the life and wisdom of Sara Frankl, a blogger who passed away a few years ago at age 38.

They talk about what real strength looks like, what it means to CHOOSE joy, and the power of something called partial solutions. And like every chat, they talk about what’s making them happy (hint: Tsh likes a rather ridiculous podcast).

Mary Carver and Sara Frankl of Choose Joy

Listen in here:

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The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenreider, episode 19: Strength in Someone Else's Story with Mary Carver

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! You podcast is by far my favorite. Have been looking for podcast that have a similar feel to yours, but have yet to find one I love so much!
    At on point in the episode, Tsh says talks about going through the struggle of divorce or, “even worse”, death. I disagree that death is worse than divorce. Both are very awful situations; however, with death you’ve lost support while with divorce you’ve also lost trust. This is making a lot of assumptions on the circumstances, but I believe that sudden death of a spouse who was in a positive, happy marriage is less emotionally diffcult than divorce based on a betrayal of trust.

  2. Thank you – I was so moved by this episode. Lately I’ve been thinking about what I’d do if I faced a major illness – how would I cope? How would my kids and husband cope? This was a timely reminder that while we can’t control everything, we always have the ability to choose joy. Look forward to reading the book.

  3. Thank you. Choices determine how we live our lives….sometimes the choice pushes us to into roles we never expected. When it comes to our environment, we have a choice….to remain silent and be part of the problem or step up and take it on.

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